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Metasploit 3.6 Review

Yesterday Rapid7 released Metasploit 3.6.  This edition of the Professional version of Metasploit has added some key features.

@sussuro has some great video walk-through you can find here:

Below I am going to highlight my favorite updates

PCI Reporting

Over the past 2 days, I have received 2 great resources for PCI compliance.  The first is this You-Tube video.  It helps to laugh in-between the tears.

The 2nd is the new report that Metasploit Pro includes.  This is a key report that could not come too soon.

I fired up a test Windows 2000 SP4 to test the report.  Below is an except.

As noted above, the following PCI requirements are tested with a result of pass/fail.  Included in the report if further information.  Looking at 6.1 we can see this box was not patched. 

Post Exploitation

A month ago there was a move from post exploitation scripts to modules.  Seeing the 3.6 update, I understand the method to the madness.  The say "shell is only the beginning."   With the new Post-Exploitation Modules, this saying has more truth then ever.

Once a session is generated on a box, the available Post-Exploitation Module is available on the Session tab.  The use of the modules are extremely easy.  Point, Click, Pwn!


A hidden gem feature is the ability to run Post-Exploitation Modules on all sessions generated.

Running the Module generates the results that my test machine was a VMware machine.


Revisiting my favorite Post-Exploit trick, UAC Protection Bypass.  I generated a session on a Windows 7 machine.

Before the module we are #Losing.

After the module, we are #Winning.


Exploit Features

A hidden gem that I noticed is with the Exploit Button.  It has been described as Super AutoPwn.  A new feature at the end of the Exploit Menu is the addition of a "Choose Exploits" button.

This allows the PenTester to customize which exploits are going to be fired at the target allowing for a focused attack. 



Version 3.6 of Metasploit has many features and hidden gems. Abe Lincoln said "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe."


Version 3.6 is razor sharp out of the box!

 Try it for 7 days with a full featured demo: