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The network main switch was a CISCO 881W.  We had a box running SLAX to capture the traffic for analysis after the event.  The resulting traffic generated a PCAP file that requires over 4 gb of RAM to open with Wire Shark.  (Denial of Service Exploit)



For our VM Targets, we used 2 hosts, the Beast and Satan.

The Beast is a machine born for gaming but with 24 gigs of RAM was able to host several hosts/targets.

Satan was a home built machine representing Windows, OSX and several versions of the penguin. 


The Beast




The VM's that we had one the network are as follow:


Our attacking computers had both CANVAS and Metasploit Express running on Unbuntu 10.04. Core Impact PRO was running on Windows XP SP3.  We used Firefox to load the Metasploit Express Web Console.




A big special thanks to all the people who put in such hard work to make this a successful event. The faces have been blanked out to protect the guilty.  Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you.