Buffer Overflow Tutorial: This was presented at HackMiami on September 4th, 2010.

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Referenced in this presentation was the article Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit.

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The tools below are for information use only.  Raise your right hand and repeat after me...

I will not use the tools below for evil.  I will only use them for good, on computers which I have permission to run them against. 

If you get into trouble, the best I can do it recommend a lawyer.

Note: My brother passed the Florida BAR.

Metasploit Express

The Winner of our HackMiami Bake-Off.  Point Click Pwn!!!!


This tool scans a network and will identify computers on it.  It checks the identified computers against a listing of know vulnerabilities.

BackTrack 4- PwnSauce

BackTrack 4 is the number one Linux distrobution for security and penetration testing. 

Metasploit Framework

 Metasploit is a framework that allows the creation and deployment of exploits and payloads.  This is for advanced users.  It should be noted that if you download BackTrack 4, Metasploit is included, configured and ready to go.

If you have downloaded Metasploit and are now asking yourself, "Now what?" Offensisive Security has designed the perfect online course for you.

I would check out Metasploit Express from Rapid 7 linked above if your starting out.  Point Click Pwn!

Core Impact Pro

CORE IMPACT Pro is a commercial automated penetration testing software solution developed by Core Security Technologies which allows the user to probe for and exploit security vulnerabilities in computer networks, endpoints and web applications.