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The Scorecard

Interface:  The interface is a clean interface however it did have some quirks.  The most documented is selecting targets and current callback.  You need to know what your doing.  Thank goodness the company offers plenty of training.   

Exploits:  This is a serious tool for a serious pentester.  Canvas provides enough rope to snag your target machine or hang yourself.  Canvas generated 5 shells, but only after help from the company's support.  Plus points for the number of shells generated however, you have to earn them with this program. 

Reporting: The reports generated out of the application are compiled by using all the knowledge obtained in the pentest.  The details in the report depend on the quality of the test.  If you obtain the knowledge in the test, it is in the report.

Value: Canvas has marketed itself as a fierce competitor against the veteran Core.  Part of the marking strategy is the lower cost of the application compared to Core.  That lower cost comes at the expense of the Interface.  However, if you are a serious penetration tester, you will prefer the complexity. 

Additional Features:  One of the features I found impressive was that Canvas runs on OSX.  Also included in the cost of the product is source code so you can customize to your organization.  


Total Score: