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Watch the Olympics without the stink of NBC

The BBC coverage of the Olympics is awesome.  However the BBC live streams are not available inside the United States.  How does that tea taste?

Thanks to the magic of tunnelling, we can use request the video stream from a server inside the UK. 

Step 1: Find a weak sever or page with a SQLi....  ok well don't do that.  After all during the Olympics, we should all focus on peace so goto a site like Linode and get a box.  Make sure when you set it up, you choose London.

Step 2: Type: ssh -D 8080 root@<your server/ip>

Step 3: Set up the proxy on your browser.

It is under settings/networking/advanced on the Mac

or just use foxyproxy on Firefox if you are a PC.

Step 4: Watch the Olympics via BBC at

Step 5: Make sure to spoil the results for everyone because you are the gold and the best they can be is silver!