The Three Laws of Secure Computing (TLSC)

Here are The Three Laws of Secure Computing (TLSC)

  1) Don't buy a computer

  2) If you do buy a computer, don't plug it in.

  And, finally,

  3) If you do plug it in, sell it and return to step 1.


Don't Punch Me

When I was little, my sister used to say, "Close your eyes; you will get a surprise".  And then she would punch me.

I will not punch you.

That's what she used to say!


30 days, n00b to ninja...

N00bz is proud to present our first project for 2010. Our plan is to take a n00b and turn them into a security ninja in just 30 days. Any volunteers? 


n00bz wanna know?

What do you want to learn about information security?

Ask questions and I will answer them.

Don't ask your neighbor! They don't really know.

Please take the poll on the front page.


Thank you!



Welcome to n00bz, Security for the rest of us.

The world of computer security is divided into 2 groups, Ninja's and n00bz.  If your not a ninja, (and you would know) then this is the place for you.  We will discuss security topics so that you can be informed and protect yourself.  You n00bz make it so easy to pwn your coumputer, skill is no longer a requirement to hack. 


A noob, or newb, is a new user that is inexperienced and/or does not have experience, usually with online websites, but also used alot in games. Also known as newb, they are more commonly people who have just joined, but can also be long-time users that do stupid things such as use WEP.

Pwn- Look at your keyboard.  O is next to P.  Now put it together..... own as is we own your computer and your credit card numbers and passwords.   Grease up!
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