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Free digital magazines from your Dr.

Going to the Doctor usually involves this process.  You get bothered by the robocaller for 3 days prior to your appointment.  You arrive on time and the doctor is always running late and you have to wait in the germ infested waiting room. 

On the last trip to the doctor, I got stuck in the waiting room and saw the magazine basket.  The magazine basket is a treasure trove of information.  This one had all the labels still on the magazines.  Being a (it kills me to type this but I have iphone, ipad and now an Air) Apple hipster, I love to read magazines on my iPad.  Apple recently released the magazine store which I didn't use.  I prefer Zinio.  Great App and you can get free magazines galore (Maxim subscription until 2089!)  That is a different story however.


Apple has thier magazine store in which they charge cover price for digital copies the magazine.  The publishers have helped out those who still recieve the magazine on paper by allowing them "Free Access to the Digital Version!"

WARNING: This is for informational purposes only.  Check your local laws, YMMV, and hack the planet!

Step 1:  Pick up a germ infested copy of the magazine from the cesspool of the magazine basket.


 Step 2:  Download the magazine app from the magazine app store (or the regular app store since they are the same thing).  Typing this out makes the process that Apple is doing seem even more stupid.  App inside an App! 

You can either pay (don't pay) for the magazine or you can login using your account number.  Look at that postage label with all the information required.  The periodical version of the yellow sticky note with a password on it!

Yes I am showing this hack on the Disney FamilyFun Magazine.

Step 3: Go into the magazine and you will see the options for subscription or the Sign In button.  Go ahead and push that Sign In button.  Do it slowly, do it doucement!

Step 4:  So you pushed that Sign in button and are greeted with the ability to sign in with your user name and password or Login Using Your (possession is 9/10 the law) Account Number from the germ basket.  Highlighted for you is the magic numbers you enter and I thank the publisher for their guidance. 

Step 5:  Enjoy your new periodical.  I for one am super stoked about Chalk Games and ways to Build a Better Munchie.

Sometimes you find that some digital gangster soccer mom has already registered this magazine.  If only there was a way... wait... does it really just ask for the updated Email address for a password reset?  Well time to go to 10 Minute Mail for a throw away temporary spam avoidance email address. 

Just saying!


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